Northern Beaches Naturopathy belief is not to nurse symptoms but to treat the cause of imbalance.

Insomnia support

When we live in high stress states and are constantly switched on with work or social media , let's add stimulants like coffee, alcohol, sugar and its a wonder why we have sleeping issues .......

But what else can affect sleep ? 


  • Hormone imbalances , ages and stages.
  • Genetics ( early bird or night owl )
  • Low Vitamin D levels 
  • Low Iron levels 
  • Low Magnesium levels 
  • Thyroid function 
  • Light pollution ,noise and smells.
  • Temperature in room - over heating 
  • High activity prior to bed 
  • Diet -Refined sugars and additives


Taking sleep medications can affect your brain long term as it stops the body getting good REM ( deep ) sleep which is vital for memory and brain function.

One of my first points I go to for chronic insomnia is getting a good sleep hygiene checklist together .

I like to assess the following in testing - Adrenals ,hormones, neurotransmitters for the best natural steps forward.


 Here are some of my favourite natural sleep aids 





California poppy 



I can assist with supporting your circadian rhythms  CONTACT me to get your individual sleep formula .


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