Flower Essenses and Homoeopathy

Flower Essenses and Homoeopathy

The unique blend of herbs, flower essenses and homoeopathics make a powerful and effective treatment for chronic health conditions. We use Australian Bush and Bach flowers along with homoeopathic remedies drops  to achieve successful healing results .

img-flower-remediesThese individual remedies can ease physical and mental suffering and support you through change, stressful situations and crisis. They are 100% safe and don’t interact with any medications, making them suitable for everyone.

I love making my personalized mixes with a combination of the chosen remedies to get fast acting results mixed in an herbal base.

At Northern Beaches Naturopathy clients will often have a tailored made first aid kit at home to assist supporting there own  family’s wellbeing.

I have had numerous clients comment on the fantastic results from the childrens calm drops to help ease teething,anxiety,stomach discomfort as well as the drainage drops to help those stuffy head colds!!

At Northern Beaches Naturopathy we use a  selection of flower esssences, homoeopathy mixes to treat your  health concerns. They are a favourite amongst  many clients because of the effectiveness, taste and low cost.