Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine

We know that herbal medicine power can be dated back from ancient cultures and now with advancements in science they have many more scientific studies and reviews proving there amazing healing properties.
Herbal medicines are used to support the healing process of the body and for their specific medicinal action.

Herbal medicine can support your ongoing treatments or help you establish other options in providing long term wellness.

I personally select individual herbs that answers your unique health needs which can be prescribed in a liquid form, tablet, powder and tea so you can enjoy the benefits of herbal medicine without be scared away by taste.

Herbal medicine has the ability to act very quickly with out the same side effects of pharmaceutical medicines. However they are not to be misused and correct dosage alongside any interactions from other pharmaceuticals drugs need to be assessed prior to starting treatment.

Herbal_Medicine_NEWWe do know that herbal medicine contain powerful working constituents and should only be prescribed by a trained Naturopath with experience and is registered in Australia so you can receive a health rebate and insurance that your health is in good hands.

Northern Beaches Naturopathy uses only the best quality herbal medicines in tablets and liquid that are recognized in Australia to have the best effectiveness that herbalism can offer.
The use of high quality herbs makes a difference in the outcome. I ask all my clients to remember this when I prescribe there formula as we will not reach our desired goals with inferior products due to their extraction methods and strength of herbs provided.