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The first consultation will take one hour.

img-appointmentIn this consultation a full case history is taken, including: family history, dietary review, health history and iridology (iris diagnosis). Please bring copies of any relevant blood tests or medical reports.

* Further consultations 30-60 minutes (but please allow one hour). Although every person and condition is different, generally the first consultation is followed by a second consultation 1, 2 or 4 weeks later. This may be sufficient. If not, further consultations are generally made at monthly intervals.

Phone and skype consultation

For reasons of distance or circumstances, phone or Skype consultations are available, although it’s always preferable if possible for the initial consultation to be face-to-face. Phone and Skype consultations work surprisingly well.
I will send you a summary and treatment recommendations by email as well as your receipt to claim from your health fund. If required, medicines can be sent from the clinic.

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