Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Iridologist,  Kinesiologist and Mindfulness Practitioner

Member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society since 1998.pic-jane-miles

With Advanced Diplomas in Naturopathic studies including Medical Herbalism, Clinical Nutrition, Iridology and a Cert. IV in Kinesiology and Allergy Treatments, principal of Northern Beaches Naturopathy, Jane Miles has been a full time practicing Naturopath for over 18years with over 23 years industry experience.

Northern Beaches Naturopathy has been supporting its wide range of clients over this time, with simple yet effective solutions for their health issues.

Specialising in Allergies, Digestive health,Stress and Anxiety ,Learning and Behaviour Problems, Children’s Health, Weight Loss and Family Health Coaching, Northern Beaches Naturopathy will target your health concerns by looking closely at your diet, lifestyle, work, exercise regime and personal history.

Really listening to our clients’ needs whilst observing, from a holistic perspective, to ascertain the appropriate treatment and prevention programmes is what sets Northern Beaches Naturopathy apart from the rest.

We crystallise why you need to make health and lifestyle changes and then guide you with functional blood tests,mindfulness practices the correct dietary changes  and supplements to achieve your health and wellbeing goal.